$9 Mimosas Are Returning To Aldi & We're Ready To BRUCNH!

Aldi is changing the brunch game by re-releasing their bottled mimosas...but with a twist from last year! For 2019 they're also dropping a pineapple flavor, which is sure to change your Sunday morning avocado toast and pancakes 😋

The 750 milliliter bottles contain 8% ABV and will be available beginning April 2 & 3 (for orange and pineapple respectively) and now the only thing left to decide is how many bottles should we stockpile on...because it is unknown how long the mimosas will be available for purchase for. So don't mind us...we'll be plotting a trip to all of our local Aldi's to make sure we don't miss out on this (while appropriately blasting Parmalee's "Mimosa")!



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