Meet Mr. Butts, The Pug Who Skateboards Around DC

This, my friends, is important information.

Meet Mr. Butts. This adorable, little guy is a 7-year-old pug who you may have seen skateboarding around Washington D.C.! His owners, Justin Siemaszko & Elizabeth Farnstorm, told WJLA that during one winter, Mr. Butts (like humans) experienced seasonal depression, so they taught him tricks and "it turned out to be his favorite thing ever."

Now, Mr. Butts has skills. He not only propels himself on his skateboard, but he also can ride down sets of stairs, navigate his way through a ladder obstacle course and balance on an upside down planter...all in the name of treats of course. WJLA reports that this pup is usually skateboarding around A Baked Joint in Northwest, so if you see him be sure to let him know what a good boy he is!



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