Hot Country Knights Bring Out Special Guest For DC Show

If you aren't familiar with the Hot Country want to make sure you are!

The Hot Country Knights, a 90s country cover band, open up Dierks Bentley's tour every night (and have been for the past few years) and the lead singer, Doug Douglasson, bares an AWFULLY similar resemblance to Dierks if you ask us 😉

Well Doug decided to bring out a very special guest during HCK's set at Jiffy Lube Live on Saturday night (July 13)...Lil Doug! Lil Doug's outfit was a spot-on mimic of her his dad from the cheetah print top to the sunglasses. Even though HCK specialize in throwback country, Lil Doug got the crowd going with a cover of Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road," to which the Knights acted as background dancers! At the end however, Lil Doug was revealed to be an imposter as her his wig was pulled off to reveal her true identity!



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