These Puppies Named After Taco Bell Items Need To Be Adopted!

Are we crying or did we just get mild sauce in our eyes?!

Facebook user Ally Young's post about her litter of puppies that need homes has gone viral because she not only has eight adorable pups who're looking for a fur-ever home, they're all named after items from the Taco Bell menu and our hearts can't handle the little taquitos. She shared that she and her husband were fostering a terrier who was on the kill list and while they thought the little guy was a boy, it turned out he was actually a girl and they named her Taco Belle. Well, Taco Belle was pregnant and in the spirit of their mom, all of the puppies were given Tex-Mex styled names! Meet Cinnamon Twist, Crunchwrap Supreme, Doritos Loco, Quesarito, Gordita, Chalupa, Bellegrande and Fiesta Potato (Chalupa and Fiesta Potato have already found homes).

So if you or someone you know is located in Oklahoma, check out Country Roads Animal Rescue to see if you could be the perfect fit for one of these pups!



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