Bachelor In Paradise's Blake Releases Texts From Night Spent W/ Caelynn

Besides trying to find love, Bachelor In Paradise was made for drama AND WE HAVE THAT JUST TWO EPISODES IN!

Blake Horstmann, the runner up from Becca Kufrin's season of The Bachelorette, and Caelynn Miller-Keyes of Colton Underwood's season have caused quite the storyline in Paradise. Long story short, Blake and Caelynn hooked up at Stagecoach earlier this year the day after Blake hooked up with fellow Bachelor Nation favorite, Kristina Schulman (from Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor plus last year's season of Bachelor In Paradise). The extended version of the story is that Blake was dating Kristina in the months leading up to Stagecoach and he was also set up with Caelynn thanks to Colton and his girlfriend, Cassie Randolph (although we aren't sure if these two timelines at any point overlapped). Caelynn said on the show that they would FaceTime 3x a day and were talking for a few months, but then after they hooked up told her that they had to keep what they did a secret.

Now to the beaches of Paradise. Blake and Caelynn are both in the initial group of people to enter the beach and are clearly avoiding each other. Caelynn keeps telling the camera about how much her relationship with Blake had an effect on her and literally can not say enough bad things about him, meanwhile he's showed interest in Hannah G. and Tayshia (both also from Colton's season) and takes Tayshia on a date. Enter Kristina. Kristina has a date card, takes Blake and basically calls him out on everything that has happened around the Stagecoach incident. Now once they return from their date, Caelynn and Blake finally have a face-to-face conversation about the situation and spoiler alert...the conversation ends in tears.

OK. Now that we're caught up...let's get to the crazy part. While all of this was unfolding on last night's episode, Blake took to Instagram to "clear his name" and he decided to release the string of text messages between him and Caelynn during Stagecoach and prior to filming BiP. On the show, it was made out to sound like Blake was trying to keep all of this a secret and that he had ghosted Caelynn after that night, but based on these text messages, a different story is being built. (Some language in the texts are NSWF) He has since deleted the text messages after seeing the attack that was being aimed towards Caelynn...but screenshots live forever.

Scroll to the bottom to read his take on exactly why he decided to release these messages. Some may say it was a douche move, but his fellow members of Bachelor Nation have chimed in on the comments backing him up. Kristina said "Speak your truth, no one can take that away from you" while Kevin Wendt from last season's BiP said "I know I told you last week posting these might not be the best idea. but as a friend I just want YOU to be happy and I know your anxiety was about to erupt. So I get it. and I’ll support you regardless. because I know you’re a good friend and a good hearted human. Chin up amigo."



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