We're Pretty Confident That We Know One Of This Season's DWTS Contestants

The Dancing with the Stars cast will be announced on Wednesday, Aug. 21 but we think we already know who one of the contestants will be!

DWTS posted a photo on their Instagram that shows a bunch of bomber jackets on a computer, the coordinates to Houston, TX, a poster clearly referencing MTV's The Real World, a pennant from Florida A&M and the caption saying you might be a "cultural genius" if one can decode the post. While this might not mean a whole lot at the moment, fans of Netflix's Queer Eye were quick to figure out that this post is likely referring to none other than the show's culture expert, Karamo Brown! Brown was born in Houston, attended Florida A&M for college and routinely wears bomber jackets as part of his look on the show.


Karamo has proved on the show that he certainly has some rhythm (check out the clip of him participating with a drill team during season 4 next to fellow member of the Fab 5, Bobby Berk)!



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