Maryland Teacher Creates Magical Harry Potter Themed Classroom

Can we go back to high school so THIS can be our classroom?!

Elkton High School's Staci Lamb has transformed her ninth grade classroom into Hogwarts and it is all kinds of magical!

She offered a tour of her classroom on Twitter and the details are in a world of their own. Her classroom starts before you even walk through the door...the walls surrounding her door are decked out with a wallpaper that looks like brick and then when you walk in, the Harry Potter theme song is playing. She replaced the standard school desks and chairs with ones that look like they're straight from the Harry Potter movie set, portraits hang on the walls, red curtains are draped over the windows, candles hanging from the ceiling (that are remote controlled), a sorting hat can be spotted and more!

Lamb told Buzzfeed that it took her about a month to put together and she funded the project herself, but it sounds like breaking the bank wasn't necessary! She would "scour Facebook Marketplace, Goodwill, yard sales, and the University of Delaware campus, especially during move-out weekend. I even find a fair amount of things for free!"

So where do we enroll?!



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