Chris German
I began my radio career in Washington in 1993 at a news/talk station, working overnight playing back reruns of talk shows that aired earlier the day before. At that time we were recording the shows on reel-to-reel tapes!In order to get my foot in the door with an on-air position, I took a job with a station in Winchester, Virginia. Once a weekend (and sometimes twice), I would trek 75 miles from Rockville, just to have the opportunity to open the microphone! Within a year I was able to cut that commute in half, working in Frederick, Maryland. In mid-2005 I joined WMZQ, cutting my commute about as much as possible (unless I ever have a home studio built!). I'm here most weekends, and regularly cover a weeknight or two.While I'm coming up on nearly two decades in radio, I'm approaching a decade in real estate, as well. I obtained my Maryland real estate salesperson license in 2003, and have since added salesperson licenses in Virginia and the District of Columbia.In my personal life, I can attest that good things come to those who wait. In mid-2010, a few months before my 39th birthday, I met the love of my life, Claire. She's everything I could have asked for, and more. One year after our first date, I proposed, and (as Chad Brock sang) "she said 'Yes!'" The wedding was one year later, on the same weekend as our first date and our engagement.