Scorpion Stings Passenger On United Flight

As if United Airlines needed anything else to happen on one of the company's flights this week, now a passenger traveling home to Calgary, Canada from Mexico got stung by a scorpion on a connecting flight out of Houston.

Richard Bell told the scorpion "fell in my hair. I grabbed it. I was hanging onto it by its tail." Another passenger warned that the creature might be poisonous, Bell set it down on a plate before reaching to grab it again. That's when the one-and-a-half inch scorpion raised it's tail and stung Bell's finger.

United confirmed the account Thursday to CNBC, stating the scorpion first fell from one of the plane's overhead compartments before stinging a passenger.

Reports say another passenger stomped on the scorpion, and then the air crew disposed of it in one of the toilets.

As for the sting, the crew consulted via radio with a medical professional on the ground, and emergency personnel met Bell upon landing in Calgary. The injury was deemed not to be life-threatening, and Bell declined further treatment.

As of this writing, United had not yet reached out to Bell though the company said they were investigating the incident.

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