Back On WMZQ Tonight At 7, But I Have A Problem...

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So my dad's side of the family has been planning a fishing trip for the past two years. It was my dad, brother and 14 other uncles and cousins. 

We did this once 11ish years ago and had been wanting to do it again, however, it's no small undertaking so we've been planning and prepping and last week was the week.

I flew to Minneapolis to meet up with everyone and then we all drove in four separate cars to Minaki, Canada. From there we took those boat planes that take off and land on the water.

I won't get into too much detail right now, because I have a ton of pictures to post that will really give you a clear idea of what it was like. I'll get to that tomorrow hopefully.

The thing is, after that trip I have a problem that I need to deal with before I go to the radio station today...... 

Back on U.S. soil after hanging with the Canucks this past week. Some great pictures to come once the traveling is over tomorrow. Including “The Big One.” . . . #Canada #USA #Travel

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