Hardy Stopped By To Talk About Who Reached Out To Him Recently & More!

Hardy is an accomplished writer who wrote #1 songs like, "Simple" "Up Down" & more.

Hardy now has his own single out called "Rednecker," which I love! Such a fun/great song!

He was in the building a week ago and we talked about a bunch of stuff like what his first big purchase was to reward himself for his recent success.

-Who recently texted him out of the blue and what was it about.

-When he's on the road, what's his go to food place.

-He's had a couple fun interactions with fans recently, Hardy goes into detail about what happened and where was he noticed that caught him off guard.

-How is his girlfriend handling his success.

-What did Hardy & his girlfriend recently talk about that they will eventually have to give up that makes them sad.

-What TV show did he not care for recently.

Check it out and when you get a moment listen to "Rednecker!" He shot the video for that recently so it should be out soon! (Below is the lyric video)

Corey Calhoun

Corey Calhoun

Corey Calhoun


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