CNBC Says You Can Save Money By Eating Out By Using This Tipping Trick

I worked in the restaurant business for about 8 years doing everything from washing dishes to managing the restaurant. One of the best jobs I've ever had because of the people and the environment. I truly believe everyone should be required to work in the restaurant business because it gives you so many people skills and shows you how to treat people and how not to treat people.

The guy in the video talks about how you're supposed to tip between 15 & 20%. And most people tip according to what the TOTAL on their bill is.

But you can save a few bucks if you tip 15 or 20% on the SUBTOTAL, before they add in the tax. So basically be cheap without feeling like your cheap....

There are a lot better ways to save money in my opinion than short changing your server. But that's just me. And if you can't afford to tip, maybe you shouldn't be going out to eat....

Corey Calhoun

Corey Calhoun

Corey Calhoun


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