I'm Making Cash Money On My Way To Work, You want CASH too? Got You Covered

My friends have told me they think this is TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. It's NOT and I AM getting CASH for buying gas. 

Here's how it works. 

I downloaded the FREE GetUpside App. I'll even link you too it ,right there.

You'll want to go to your App store on iPhone or Google Play on Android to download it on your phone, but like I said, IT'S A FREE APP.

Once you have the app on your phone, you can check for participating stations around your location. I needed gas this morning, so I checked. I drive a 2007 BMW 328i with 170,000 miles on it. Good car but it requires premium, so I'm especially interested in finding the best price for gas. This morning, I found a range of 18 cents a gallon on premium near me on the Upside app. The Oceanic station was on my way so I chose that one. 

When I got to the station, as you'll see below, the sign price was $2.93 a gallon. THAT is what everyone else is paying. NOT ME! 

Notice below, MY price is $2.89 a gallon! NOT 2.93 like the sign and on the pump.

After pulling into the Oceanic station, I noticed across the street premium at the Exxon is $3.14 a gallon! Sorry, not having that.

The Sunoco was even MORE for premium at $3.15 a gallon! Forget about that noise!

Thanks to the Upside App, not only did I find the cheapest price for premium gas near me BUT I got a BETTER PRICE than what was on the sign AND the Pump. This time .04 Cents a gallon less.

I mean .04 cents a gallon cheaper than EVERYONE regardless of whether they paid cash OR credit!

Now the pump read out $2.93 a gallon....

However, the GetUpside app works like this......You make the purchase AT the pump price.....

Print out the receipt and take picture on it with your phone so you can upload it to the Free Get Upside App I've been telling you about.

See I was charged $2.93 a gallon ......

BUT, After I upload the receipt, I get a message back confirming 59 cents back on this fill up! 

And there's additional ways to earn cash back too..

The cash earned through the Get Upside app can be moved right into your Paypal account whenever you want. How's that for EASY MONEY? Feel free to use my invite code Michael2582   and tell YOUR friends about the GetUpside app too!

Now to answer the question it seems that EVERYONE has, "How can this actually work and why would gas station be willing to give money back?"

If the gas station owner lowers the price on his sign, what happens right away? The stations across the street see it and lower their prices so there ends up being NO COMPETITVE ADVANTAGE for a station to lower their price to attract more customers. Now with the Get Upside app, stations can attract new customers without their competition knowing about it. The pump price remains the same, but I stop in, and we both win. I save money and the station has an additional customer. Get upside make a small percentage too for introducing me to the gas station. The station is paying Get Upside to be listed on the app. You and I as customers are the winners because it doesn't cost us ANYTHING!

GetUpside partners with local businesses (gas stations, grocery stores, and restaurants nearby) who want to win you over with great deals you'll never get anywhere else:

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