"The MOST REAL and Heartfelt Country Music I've Ever heard!" Meet Wes Ryce

Meeting a new Country singer today named Wes Ryce of No Green Jelly Beenz on the Michael JOn Air After 10 club. Come on in. We’re LIVE! Facebook didn't shut us down as I shared heartfelt musical memories from Wes about his dad. This is as real as Country music can get! You won't want to miss this one, believe me! I would love to hear your opinion of his music. Hit me up @michaeljonair Thank you Wes for the visit! More at WesRyce.com Because we were able to include Wes's video, it may or may not play on my page on our site but it WILL click thru to the video on Youtube. Watch it, Watch it, Watch it! #ByMySide #CountryMusic! You can click under VIDEO UNAVAILABLE where it says Watch it on Facebook to see the video now! Mj