Shout out to a Good Samaritan who stopped an attempted kidnapping!

Monday, June 7th at 9:12 pm inside the Target parking garage.

Investigators said the attacker pulled the victim away from her car as she was screaming – "let go!"

That is when 31-year-old, Alex Baez, who had just finished shopping, heard the cry for help. He stepped in to save the young ladies and deescalate the situation.

Monday 6/7 at 9:12 pm inside a Target parking garage, police say this attacker grabbed his victim away from her car as she was screaming loudly- "Let Go"! Alex Baez was at the right place at the right time.He was on the way out of the store after shopping as well and heard what was happening. He was able to interupt this attack and rescue the two women. Then he followed the attacker and gave police the information they needed to make an arrest. The story from Fox tv below.

This is a reminder that we all need to be "AWARE" of what's going on around us, especially when we're most vulnerable like delivering packages to a car or walking in public buried in our phone. An exercise I was given during training for my hand gun permit was mindfulness training. While in public,I practice surveilling everything within eyesight paying special attention to other people acting out of character and characterisctics of people around me. What are they wearing? What do the look like and can I describe them accurately. You never know when YOU could come to someone's aid!

Congratulation Alex on stopping another disgusting crime.