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Pregnancy and parenting site What to Expect has announced the winners  of their 2017 What to Expect Mom Must-Have Awards. They sorted through over 6,000 nominations and 133,000 votes in 20 categories to come up  with their top picks. And these are the products moms and dads swear by.

Best bottle - Dr. Brown’s Original Bottles.  These bottles have a unique venting system, so there are no air bubbles  sneaking into baby’s milk while they’re feeding. Fewer air bubbles  means less gas, less spit up, and less colic. No wonder these are a  favorite. They also come with a bottle cleaning wand and the bottles are  dishwasher-friendly. Available from Amazon starting at $21

Best baby soother - WubbaNub  Pacifier. These are cute stuffed animals with a pacifier sewn on, so  they make it easier to find that pacifier when baby spits it out or  drops it. Plus the plushie gives tiny hands something to hold onto and  snuggle with while they self soothe. Available from Amazon starting at  $25

Best maternity line - Motherhood Maternity.  Expecting moms can shop online or in one of their stores, where they  have fake pregnancy bumps to try on with your clothes, so you get a  better idea of how things will fit later in the pregnancy. And they sell  everything from pajamas to bras to cocktail dresses, so they’ve got  pregnant women’s fashion needs covered.

Best diaper bag - Ju-Ju-Be BFF.  People love this diaper bag because it has lots of pockets to keep you  organized and it’s easy to clean. This bag has a pocket for your wallet,  one for your keys, and one for your phone, and outside pockets for  bottles and diapers and wipes, so you don’t have to dig around to get  what you need. Available from Amazon starting at $180.

Best diapers - Pampers Swaddlers.  These are a favorite of moms and dads because they fit properly and  don’t leak, which means they help baby sleep better because they’re not  waking up in a wet onesie. And Pampers Swaddlers are good for baby’s  sensitive skin, too, which keeps baby happier and that makes mom and dad  happier, too.

Best baby carrier - Ergobaby 360  All Position. Babies as small as seven pounds will fit with the infant  insert and this carrier will work until your toddler is 33 pounds, so  that’s a huge range and a lot of use you’ll get from it. This Ergobaby  360 allows you to use it in the front, the back, and on your hip, and  people love that it adjusts quickly and easily, which not all baby  carriers do. Available from Amazon starting at $136

Check out the entire list of the must-have products here.

Source: What to Expect

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