Christmas Shopping on the Toilet Is More Popular Than Ever!


Thanks to the convenience of online shopping, folks can check things  off their holiday gift list without ever dealing with the crowds at the mall. In fact, now that it’s easier than ever to make purchases with our smartphones, folks can do their buying anywhere these days, and the truth is, you may not want to know where a person was when they got your  gift.

A new PayPal poll finds that 80% of shoppers will do their holiday shopping using a mobile device, and believe it or not, 46% of those people say they’ll be doing that shopping while on the toilet.  Purchasing while pooping has become so popular that 24% more people will be doing it this year than last year.

Judging by that number few places are off limits for holiday shopping, and the truth is your S.O. can be doing it when you’re right next to them, with 49% of people saying they do their shopping in bed  while next to their partner. And while that may be surprising this next  fact probably won’t be too shocking. The survey finds that 42% of folks  will be doing their holiday shopping in the office.

And believe it or not, a good number of people will be shopping while  shopping. That’s right, 35% of people say they will make a mobile  purchase while in a brick-and-mortar store.

Source: New York Post

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