LaCroix Hair Is The Newest Color Trend!

Bright, multicolored hair is in, and the inspiration for the shades  people choose these days comes from all kinds of original places. This time the multicolored strands are based on everyone’s  favorite sparkling water – LaCroix.

That’s right, LaCroix hair is happening – locks are being dyed to match the colors on their cans. Each flavor of sparkling water comes in a can that’s its own unique shade, along with some accent colors, making  for fun palate. So if you’re favorite LaCroix is pamplemousse, you could get your hair colored to match in shades of peach, orange, pink and  blue. More of a berry fan, then hot pink, blue, and teal hair would match perfectly.

The colors are so bold and everyone will flip when they find out your look is inspired by your favorite LaCroix can. So now you’ll just have  to narrow down the ones you like best to wear on your locks. Will it be  Key Lime? Or Peach-Pear? Maybe Tangerine? So many flavors to choose  from. But you’d better book an appointment with your stylist to create this look.


Source: Hello Giggles

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