This Cellphone Case Catches Proposal On Video. a wedding proposal special if nobody else gets to see it? Well, while some people may think the perfect proposal would involve just the potential bride and groom, for Millennials who live their lives on social media, getting the perfect reaction to that engagement ring on video is just as important as getting that yes, and a new product has now made that possible. 

The new RokShok cellphone case is actually a ring box that doubles as a case. As the groom gets down on one knee, instead of opening that  little ring box, he opens the RokShok, which puts the ring right in front of the phones’ camera guaranteeing they get their gal’s surprised reaction on video and livestream it for all the world to see.

Now after spending thousands on a ring you may think there’s no need to shell out even more just to get that perfect video, but the case  actually won’t set a groom back all that much, since it only costs  $39.95. Of course it may make the proposal a little less romantic, but who cares as long as all of your Snapchat followers get to see it. Do you think this product is TERRIFIC or TACKY? 


Source: New York Post

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