Stove Top Has Special Pants For Those Who Stuff Themselves on Thanksgiving.


While many people likely try to look their best for family on Thanksgiving, the truth is we’d all be happier in clothes we felt  comfortable in, especially since we’ll be gorging our faces off and  tight fitting clothes will just feel worse once the meal is over.

Well, with that in mind, Stove Top Stuffing is now selling the  perfect pair of pants for your Thanksgiving meal, and you may want to  get them for dad if he's one of those guys who likes to unbotton his  belt after dinner.

Stove Top’s Thanksgiving Dinner Pants have a stretchy pouch, or what they call a “stuffin’-stretch waistband,” that fits over the belly,  similar to maternity wear, although they are decorated in a festive  stuffing pattern. And you can certainly stuff yourself silly, since they  expand to “two-times the original size.” Plus they are cheap. They come  in all sizes and only cost $19.95.  You can click here to buy them. 


Source: Daily Press

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