Study Reveals Ideal Length of Sex Session.


While some couples would like the world to believe they are spending hours and hours making love in their bedrooms, the truth is most people don’t want their sex sessions to last so long. 

A new survey by finds that most women actually wish their nookie lasted about 25-minutes and 51-seconds, while men are about  the same at 25-minutes 43-seconds. And while that may sound short to  some people, the truth is for most folks, sex isn't even coming close to lasting that long.

Overall, the survey of more than 3,800 people finds that folks in the United States and Canada are the ones having the longest sex sessions, and they last only about 17-minutes.

Couples in Britain land in third place in sex stamina at 16-minutes  and 58-seconds, followed by the Aussies in fourth at 16-minutes and  34-seconds with those in India getting it on the quickest at only 15-minutes 15-seconds.

Source: The Daily Mail

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