9 Tips for Avoiding Freak Firework Injuries

Fireworks are a blast, provided you don't get blasted while handling them. To this end, NJ.com has come up with a list of real-life Fourth of July injuries from 2017 and what you can do to avoid the scenarios that led to them.  I'm sharing because I care about you.

  1. Propane + fireworks = bad. Reported injury: A 21-year-old woman awoke to her house on fire after her sister lit fireworks near a propane tank. She suffered smoke inhalation.
  2. Don't go all Jamie Foxx and "blame it on the alcohol." Reported injury: A 55-year-old intoxicated woman was holding a firework when it exploded in both hands, amputating most fingers and burning her body. In another case, a 37-year-old intoxicated man had a firework go off in his hand, burning his body and causing multiple finger amputations.
  3. No smoking, please. Reported injury: A 21-year-old man was smoking inside a house, dropped a match stick on a firework, tried to pick up the firework with his hand and it exploded. He suffered hand and upper-arm burns. 
  4. Watch the little ones. Reported injury: A 4-year-old boy ran into a firework lighter and suffered a corneal abrasion.
  5. Friends don't let friends eat gunpowder. Reported injury: An 8-year-old boy ingested gunpowder from fireworks.
  6. Sibling rivalry. Reported injury: A 10-year-old boy's brother was playing with fireworks and his brother threw one in his face and it burst, causing eye injuries.
  7. Stick to the s'mores. Reported injury: A 39-year-old man suffered injuries to his right eyelid and loss of vision in his left eye after fireworks in a campfire pit exploded at a campground.
  8. Run away, run away! Reported injury: A 23-year-old man was running away from a firework and fell, fracturing his radius and ulna and suffering a bone lesion. In another case, a 32-year-old man was running from fireworks and stubbed his toe, causing a dislocation.
  9. The cost of a good view. Reported injury: A 32-year-old woman climbed a ladder to watch fireworks and fell five steps, hitting the back of her head and suffering a concussion and head injury.

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