Chris Janson Performing at WMZQ Fest

Photos: Deanna Escobar

Chris Janson kept the energy high at WMZQ Fest pres. by Mattress Warehouse with his redneck twang and insane harmonica skills! Seriously...we don't know how he does it!

Everything that Chris Janson performed tonight was so authentically him. He opened up with "Redneck Life" and in addition to popular tracks like "Buy Me A Boat" and "Fix A Drink," he also performed a track that he had co-written with Locash..."I Love This Life!" One of the show stopping numbers of the night however was when he covered Billy Joel's "Piano Man" (yes, harmonica and all) and bled it into "Drunk Girl" with phone lights illuminating Jiffy Lube Live!

Before taking the stage, he joined Ty Bailey backstage and chatted about Chris Janson...flavored chips? Yes you read that right. Watch the interview here to find out what that means for yourself!

Yes, We Would Like Some Chris Janson-Flavored Chips (INTERVIEW)
Yes, We Would Like Some Chris Janson-Flavored Chips (INTERVIEW)


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