A DMV Family Currently Being Treated At St. Jude Called Into Our Radiothon

Our friend Chilli Amar from 97.1 WASH-FM joined Michael J in studio and introduced us to a listener, Jamie from Falls Church, VA.

Jamie is currently down in Memphis, TN with her son, Christopher, who is being treated at St. Jude Children's Hospital for an aggressive brain tumor. When Christopher was diagnosed with a Highgrade Neuroepithelial Tumor at 6 months old, his parents created a bucket list for him to help him live his life to the fullest. When they were crossing items off that list at the Eastern Shore, they got the call that he was accepted to St. Jude and described it as the "floodgates" opening up.

Jamie called into our Radiothon from Memphis to tell Michael and Chilli about the impact that St. Jude has had on her family's life and exclaimed how St. Jude is one of the best hospitals around. She has been down there with her son while her husband has been back in Virginia with their other children and when asked about Christopher's status, she shared that he has just completed his 6th round of chemo and that they could potentially be coming home after the first of the year!

Listen to the full interview below:

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How To Become a Partner in Hope with WMZQ

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