Felicity Huffman To Serve 14 Days In Jail


It's official. Felicity Huffman will serve 14 days in jail following the college admissions scandal she has been involved with. But that isn't all. She is also the recipient of a $30,000 fine, 250 hours of community service and one year supervised release. As reported by CNN, she is being sentenced as a result of her paying "$15,000 to a fake charity that facilitated cheating when her daughter took the SATs."

While standing before the judge at her trial, Huffman apologized to her family saying that she is ashamed of her actions and "[a]t the end of the day I had a choice to make. I could have said 'no.'”

In addition, she shared a small bit of the conversation that she and her daughter had once everything started to unravel.

“I don’t know who you are anymore mom? Why didn’t you think I could do it on my own?” Sophia Grace said to her mother during the exchange.

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