Kip Moore Explains a Secret of "Hey Pretty Girl" Exclusively to WMZQ!


Kip Moore performed a hilarious and personal set to a group of WMZQ listeners in our Southwest Sound Stage and as he was finishing performing his platinum-selling single, "Hey Pretty Girl" from 2013, he stopped the song to tell a story. 

As it turns out, the verse "Hey pretty girl, you did so good/Our baby's got your eyes/And a fighter's heart like I knew she would/Hey pretty girl, you did so good" was not the intended end of the song! Kip explained that this particular song took a "long time" to write and the original ending verse of the song just didn't fit.

"[I]t's not right, we're not hitting the home run. We're missing something," Kip told the packed room about the former ending. 

"But then we finally got it," he assured the audience. As Kip went to finish the song, he sent the room into laughs when he couldn't remember the verse! But being the professional that he is, he quickly got back on track to give these WMZQ listeners a performance they'll never forget!


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