Kelsea Ballerini is Queen of Charades!


It's no secret that Jimmy Fallon loves playing games on his show and his latest feature was him and Jessica Biel playing charades against the team of Kelsea Ballerini and actor Matt Bomer. 

The game was tied after 4 rounds and the rules depicted that as a tiebreaker, both teams would act out the same clue at the same time and whoever guessed it first would be the winner. No pressure. Well when Jimmy and Matt took center stage, it was revealed that their clue would be Justin Timberlake's smash single "Cry Me A River", which should have been an easy win for Team Jimmy/Jessica considering Jessica is married to the singer.


SPOILER ALERT: Matt and Jimmy went head to head presenting the clue and Kelsea came in for the win as she correctly guessed "Cry Me A River" within seconds of the round beginning! To much dismay, Jessica quickly (and hilariously) fell to the couch and followed up with a comment saying "I hope I'm not going to get divorced" LOL. 

It's alright Jessica, we think you're OK!


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