Dierks Bentley Has Concerns About Peyton Manning's Vacation Photo

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Dierks Bentley sure has one sharp eye! 

It's no secret that the country star is good friends with NFL great Peyton Manning as he has shared snapshots of the two of them hanging out in the country-side before.


But this time in the wilderness offered a different type of excitement...as opposed to comparing fish. Dierks posted this photo of Peyton with the caption:

"should i inform peyton manning of the mama bear and her three cubs approaching from behind? or let him enjoy his moment"


And in case you can't find the mama bear that Dierks is talking about, take a closer look in between the two rocks in the background above the fish that Peyton is holding. 

Maybe Dierks should come along more often to be Peyton's personal watch-man.

Top Photo: Getty



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