Couple Gets Engaged During 'Die A Happy Man' at WMZQ Fall Fest 💍

WMZQ Fall Fest was a night to remember but will certainly be unforgettable for this couple! 

As headliner Thomas Rhett was finishing his #1 hit "Die A Happy Man," this female fan sure made a happy man out of her boyfriend who was alongside her! 

Listen as Destinee from VA calls in to talk to Aly Jacobs about the moment her boyfriend proposed to her in the middle of the pit at WMZQ Fall Fest:


The crowd surrounding the couple saw the man drop to one knee and slide a ring onto the woman's left ring finger. Right as TR sang the last note, the crowd erupted into applause and the couple sealed the proposal with a sweet kiss (we couldn't actually hear, but based on their reactions it looks like she said yes 😉). 

Congratulations to the happy couple!



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