Maren Morris Hits A MAJOR Career Milestone


For the first time EVER in her incredible career, Maren Morris has officially topped the charts! 

"I Could Use A Love Song" is the third single from her debut album Hero and her first ever #1...and you could say she's excited!

Maren posted this celebratory moment on Instagram saying "43 weeks. Proud to be a woman today. To my amazing Columbia promo team, to country radio, to the fans, thank you for making “I Could Use A Love Song” my first #1. Also, @jammyrabbins & @lauraveltz , I knew we found magic when we wrote this song 3 years ago. Let’s always start our writes with tequila. 🎤💨"


But our own Michael J was among the first to congratulate Maren! Take a listen at the link below:

Michael J Tells Maren Morris That She Is #1 On The Charts!
Michael J Tells Maren Morris That She Is #1 On The Charts!
Maren Morris is about to have a #1 Song in The USA. Is she nervous? Not a chance. She just checked in to catch up!

Michael J wasn't the only one to offer his congrats though! The guys of Brothers Osborne sent out a tweet congratulating Maren and saying that she deserves every bit of the praise coming her way.



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