Virginia Child Dies After Flu & Strep Throat Diagnosis


7-year-old Kevin Baynes Jr. of Hurt, Virginia is the most recent youth victim of the flu epidemic.

Baynes wasn't feeling well in school on Friday after falling asleep during class and getting sick in the bathroom, so as a result he was sent home. After spending the night at home, he woke up unable to walk nor able to keep food down so his parents took him to the emergency room and was diagnosed with both the flu and strep throat before heading back home.

Just a day later on Sunday, Jan. 28 his older sister found him unresponsive and upon being brought to the hospital, was pronounced dead.

The Center for Disease Control is warning people that this flu season could get worse and that 30 children have already lost their lives to the illness.

Read more about Kevin Baynes Jr. here.


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