Florida Georgia Line Made $1,000 Super Bowl Bet With Each Other

We all know that Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelly of Florida Georgia Line are always up for a little friendly competition...but this time there was $1,000 at stake!

The guys attended Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis, MN for the face off between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles and before the game bet each other $1K on who would take home the Lombardi Trophy. BK went with the reigning Super Bowl champs, the Patriots, while T-Hubb went with the underdog Eagles.

After a wild game, the Philadelphia Eagles won their first ever Super Bowl by beating out the Pats 41-33...which meant that Tyler just won himself an extra grand in his pocket! And based off of their Instagram stories, BK is willing to pay up 😂

Did April The Giraffe Predict The Super Bowl Winner?
Did April The Giraffe Predict The Super Bowl Winner?
Hopefully April The Giraffe is better at predicting football scores than we were at guessing her due date last year!


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