How To Add A 'Random Episode' Button To Your Hulu Account

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Have you ever casually wanted to watch an episode of Friends online but thought "UGH" when you have to go through and pick an episode to watch? #FirstWorldProblems

Well you may not have to worry about that anymore! A new extension for Google Chrome has come out with a random episode button that will automatically turn on an episode of your favorite show for you while streaming Hulu

The streaming company Flixed has created the viewing option that people have been yearning for, beating Hulu themselves to the punch and so far, people are loving it. 


The installation is simple:

  1. Install the chrome extension here.
  2. Navigate to your favorite show on Hulu.
  3. Press the โ€˜Random Episodeโ€™ button!

Meanwhile Netflix users have been left to fend for themselves, still having to go through the process of trying to pick what episode of The Office they want to watch.

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