Virginia Woman Discovers Metal In Tampon

A woman from Virginia Beach was in disbelief when she discovered that a black dot on one her tampons ended up being a metal hook.

22-year-old Harmony Grant from Virginia Beach, VA told 13News Now that she was "utterly shocked" when she picked at the product to discover the hook and wants other women to be cautious of their feminine hygiene products. She posted the photos on social media to forewarn people of her discovery and reached out to Playtex, the company behind the product, to express her concern. Playtex responded with an apology and reimbursed her for the $7 she spent on the box.


Grant was not satisfied with their response and says it was "completely unacceptable" and that she feels like they "brushed it off like it wasn't a big deal." When Edgewell Personal Care (the company who owns Playtex) was contacted for a comment by 13News Now, they replied with:

“Once we receive the necessary information we will be able to fully evaluate all details of this report. In the meantime, this one isolated case does not affect other Playtex tampon products, which remain safe to use. The health and safety of the women who use our products is a top priority for Edgewell Personal Care.”

While Grant was nearly finished the box of tampons when she discovered the hook, she says she will now refrain from using any tampons regardless of the brand due to being traumatized for the situation.

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