REAL ID Act Could Confiscate Maryland IDs Distributed Since 2009

If you have gotten a Maryland driver's license or ID card since 2009, you will want to check if your ID is compliant with the federal Real ID act because if it is not, it could be subject to confiscation beginning on June 1. So what does this mean? According to the Baltimore Sun, "[t]he agency has been requiring proof of age and identity, proof of social security, and two proofs of Maryland residency from anyone applying for a new license since Jan. 1, 2018, to comply with federal law."

If you are not sure if you're ID is up to these standards, you can check online with the MVA by simply typing in your license or ID number here. Even If you are not in compliance with the REAL ID act by June 1, you will still be considered a licensed driver in the state of Maryland but if "pulled over by police, the license will be confiscated as part of the recall, the agency said," as reported by the Baltimore Sun.


Thumbnail photo: Getty


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