Community Raises Over $11K For Retiring Mailman's Dream Vacation

Grab the tissues because this feel-good story will tug at your heart strings.

Floyd Martin has been a mailman with the United States Postal Service for 35 years in Marieta, GA and after over three decades, he's ready to retire. Mr. Floyd, as the neighborhood calls him, is SO well loved by everyone that they not only threw him a party to celebrate his many years of public service, they decorated their mailboxes with congratulatory balloons on his last day and came together to raised over $11,000 to send him to Hawaii, his dream vacation (their goal was $5,000)! Over 300 people attended his party including children dressed up as him, young adults who he has known since they were kids and even several of the dogs who he has given treats to over the years! Of course he had to give a speech at his sweet send off and his parting words were "“Continue to take care of each other, and smile when you think of me."

Twitter user @Jennifer__Brett followed Mr. Floyd on his final day of the job and documented all of the heart warming moments on Twitter. This thread is 100% worth the read!

Thumbnail photo: Getty Images



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