Live Out Your 2000s Dreams In DC's Y2K Pop Bar

Say bye bye bye to a boring bar experience because the Y2K Pop Up Bar located in Rewind by Decades in Dupont is where all of your '00s dreams can come true.

This bar was basically made for your Instagram feed! You can snap a picture with the Lisa Frank wall (equipped with a "Hello Gorgeous" neon sign), the Game Over corner where neon lights on the ceiling will give you all the lighting, a back corner fully equipped with computer code, and MORE! The booths are even wallpapered with Britney Spears posters and flip phones.

Even the drinks are themed for the Y2K era! The Washington City Paper got the scoop saying The "Red Hot Chili Peppers" combines Jameson Irish Whiskey with liquid smoke, Tabasco, lime, and ginger beer; the "Pulp Fiction" contains Absolut Mandarin vodka, orange juice, lime juice, and passionfruit puree; and the "Kill Bill" mixes cognac with peach schnapps, vanilla syrup, and Sprite." Oh. AND THEY'RE SERVED ON CDs AS COASTERS!

The only catch - this pop up is only open on Fridays and Saturdays from 5P-2A so think ahead for when you'll be in da club!



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