Luke Bryan Sings With Young Girl From Pit On Stage At Jiffy Lube Live!

Luke Bryan brings his A game every single year when he's in the DMV and this year was no different! On Saturday, June 2, the second night of his Sunset Repeat Tour came to Jiffy Lube Live and in the middle of his set he had specifically asked if there were any good singers in the audience and all of the attention shifted to a hundred pointing hands in the pit where a little girl was holding up a sign saying that she wanted to sing with him!

Luke pulled the little girl, whose name is Bella, from the audience and when he asked her if she was nervous, she pretty confidently said "no" (side note: she needs to teach us her ways because we would have been SO nervous!). Bella said that she wanted to sing "Kill The Lights" with Luke, to which he joked about hoping he could remember the song 😂 Even if Luke didn't remember the words, Bella sure did! But it gets BETTER! Luke handed the mic off to Bella and they did a duet to "Kick The Dust Up" and she was AMAZING! If she were to audition for American Idol, we think that Luke would put here through to Hollywood!



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