13oz Baby Born At Just 23 Weeks Considered A "Miracle"

Now THIS is an incredible story.

Ellonn Smartt was just 23 weeks into her pregnancy when her water broke and she was rushed to the hospital to have doctors tell her that she would have to deliver her baby - nearly four months early - in order for them to have a chance at survival. And even then, it was slim.

Smartt and her boyfriend, Jordan Morrow, welcomed their son into the world on July 11 via C-Section and named him Jaden Wesley Morrow. Jaden came out weighing just 13oz (for comparison, an average newborn weighs approx. 7lbs 5oz) and while extremely premature, was putting up a fight to live.

“His arms and toes were moving and he was trying to breathe on his own,” Smartt told TODAY. “He’s our little miracle.”

Jaden is currently being cared for at Blank Children’s Hospital in Des Moines, IA and has an expected discharge date of November 6, which was his predicted due date. You can follow along with Jaden's progress here!



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