Dierks Bentley Adopted A New Puppy This Morning & HE'S SO CUTE

Yes, this is a very important announcement.

Dierks Bentley performed on the Today Show this morning (August 1) and he did the unexpected. HE ADOPTED A PUPPY!

"I'm leaving the Today Show and I got a new little buddy here," Dierks said in an Instagram video *cue the endless amount of awwwws." It sounds like there were two puppies on the set of the popular morning show, Garrett and Goose, and Dierks jokingly gets his new pup mixed up with his brother but ends up deciding that the name of the newest member of his family will be Goose.

Goose will be jumping right into the lifestyle of a country music superstar too! Dierks closed out Goose's introductory post with "Off to @petco and then meet up with #burningmantour" The Burning Man Tour is headed to Darien Lake, NY tonight...so those fans might catch a first glimpse of the pup!



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