14 Goats & Sheep Escaped & Wanderd Around Virginia Neighborhood

Let's start here: did you know that you can rent goats and sheep to eat the excess brush and weeds in your yard as a form of landscaping?

Whether your answer is yes, I knew that, or no, I had no idea, at least you now have a premise as to where these animals escaped from!

16 goats and sheeps were rented from RVA Goats to munch on unwanted shrubbery near the Henrico County line, which is right on the outskirts of Richmond, VA, and 14 of them managed to escape from their client's yard.

Linda Hochstein lives two streets down from the site where the goats were grazing and after learning that these animals were wandering her street, she jumped into action. Hochstein managed to keep the animals corralled for approx. an hour by moving her car to block off the road that they were found on and says she used Cheez-Its to lure them together so they could ultimately be reclaimed by their wrangler.

Kristi Orcutt, who works with RVA Goats, said that they usually have at least one escape per year. You can read more about this store here.


Thumbnail photo: Getty


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