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Community DC Interview | Carl Ehrlich | Flag Star Football

Photo: Flag Star Football | Carl Ehrlich

A Letter from Our Commissioner

Dear Friends of Flag Star,

First off, thank you! You make our leagues what they are. From our very first program, we've been blessed with incredibly positive, supportive parents. 

My name is Carl Ehrlich. After captaining the Harvard Football team and playing "professional" football (if you can call it that) in Valencia, Spain, I'm honored to be on the other side of the whistle. I'm grateful for the opportunity to share the game of football in a fun, safe environment alongside an incredible sports community.

Our goals are simple: Get Better. Have Fun.

And these apply to everything. It's the goal for our flag football players. It's the aim of our coaching staff and referees. Our leagues are bigger than x's and o's. They're about improving and enjoying an active, positive community. 

My staff and I are here because we believe in flag football. We believe that outside of home and school, athletics are the most important part of a child's life. We believe their sports experience should mirror their personal development, so we work to impart (and embody!) the values, habits and conduct we'd like to see in our young adults. 

Please reach out directly if you have any questions. I'm always around. 

Let's rock.


For more information and how to sign up for Flag Star Football CLICK HERE

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