Best Way To Cool Off a Hot Car


Love summer, except for when you are getting back into your car and it is extremely hot!

Your first inclination might be to blast the A/C and that this will be the quickest way to cool things down, but there's actually more you should be doing than that.  The people at Thrillist ran an experiment where they tried to cool down a hot car using the four methods below:

1.  Blast the A/C but keep the car parked the whole time. 

2.  Blast the A/C and drive with the windows down.

3.  Roll the passenger window down . . . fan the car with the driver's side door . . . then blast the A/C and drive off with the windows up.

4.  Blast the A/C and drive with the windows up.

Which method won?

Believe it or not, option 3.

Apparently that creates a low-pressure system that literally sucks the hot air out of the car.

It cooled the car at a rate of about 3.6 degrees per minute.  Which was half-a-degree better than the next best option, blasting the A/C and driving with the windows up.

There is one flaw with their testing, they left off the most viable option..... Remote start!

Corey Calhoun

Corey Calhoun

Corey Calhoun


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