Caught Me A Trophy Fish!

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Finally got my hands on some of the other pictures from my fishing trip. 

Nothing like catching your own food to eat! The "Trophy Fish" which are a particular size or larger get thrown back so they can continue to get larger and others have a chance to catch them. I caught a handful of these "Trophy Fish" but the best one was actually my first day of fishing. I got a 36 inch Northern Pike which you can see below. He is a behemoth and if you aren't familiar with Northern Pike they put up a heck of a fight. Definitely a cool experience and made some lifelong memories here!

Very peaceful being on a large lake with almost no one else there. If you didn't see my recap video check my other blog post from a couple days ago. (A shortened clip from my instagram is posted below. If you're intrigued by it, I definitely recommend watching the full 2:30 minute video I have posted in my earlier blog posts from this week!)

Just got back from an epic fishing trip. Lot of planning for this one, here’s a brief clip of my experience. See the full 2:30 minute recap by clicking the link in my bio! . . . #CoreysWeekInReview #Fishing #Canada #USA #Trophy #Walleye #Recap

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