Lady Complained About Swimsuit Not Realizing She Was Wearing It Upside Down

A college student named Lyndsey Brown from Glasgow, Scotland was on vacation in Spain with some friends this past weekend. 

She recently bought a swimsuit and was having issues with it.

So Lyndsey wrote to the company and asked what was wrong and included this picture.

After examining the picture the swimsuit company wrote back, "I have had a look at the picture you sent and believe you are wearing the swimsuit upside-down."

YEP! The swimsuit was a one-piece with just one shoulder strap. And when she put it on upside-down, that shoulder strap was now at the bottom . . . and didn't cover her up properly.

Here's the picture, it was pretty revealing so covered it up with a swimsuit emoji. You get the idea though!

Corey Calhoun

Corey Calhoun

Corey Calhoun


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