I'm Competing In DC's Dancing With The Stars - Raising Money For St. Jude!

So, big news - I've been asked to compete in DC's Dancing With The Stars which I'm extremely excited about, but also extremely nervous. I don't dance! LOL

I'm doing it for two big reasons; stepping outside my comfort zone to try something new, but more importantly to raise money for St. Jude! They are the charity I'm dancing for!

This will definitely be an interesting journey which I will keep you updated on along the way with video's/pictures/etc. However, I do need your help!

There are some very talented people competing in this. The way it works is each dollar raised is 1 vote for me. They combine that with your dancing score the night of and then crown the winner.

So, I need votes! haha. As I raise money I get more lessons as well, which I need the lessons! Trust me!

Here is a direct link to donate which I would greatly appreciate it! No amount is too small and remember, I'm raising money for St. Jude! CLICK HERE

If you want more information like who else is dancing/when it is/want to buy tickets to attend then CLICK HERE

Thank you so much, really! Keep checking back for updates as well and follow along on my social media for updates @CoreyonRadio (Instagram/Twitter/Facebook)

Corey Calhoun

Corey Calhoun

Corey Calhoun


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