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Could you be a VICTIM of a Romance Scam?

Between the holidays and Valentine's day, scammers are working overtime to rip off unsuspecting people through predatory tactics. One woman below lost over $200,000, another $430,000!!!!!!!!! Don't think it couldn't happen to somene you know. The FTC reported a record $547 million was lost to romance scams in 2021 and a new report reveals for the first time the 100 most common photos used in romance scams last year. 


During a romance scam, fraudsters steal photos of attractive people, create fake online accounts, and make victims then fall in love so they can drain their bank account. The report warns Americans to stop interacting with anyone using these photos on dating apps or social media. 


Social Catfish today released the first public database of the 100 Most Common Photos Used in Romance Scams in 2022 to help people avoid being scammed.


The company analyzed data from 10 million users who performed a reverse image search in 2022 to verify someone’s online identity, and then calculated which photos were used fraudulently the most.


In Nebraska 115 victims lost a record $3 million to romance scams in 2021.


5 Tips to Avoid Being Scammed:

1)     Never give money to anyone you meet online.

2)     Perform a reverse image search to see if their picture matches their name.   

3)     Do not continue talking if the person will not video chat or meet in person. 

4)     Watch out for poor grammar.

5)     Be suspicious when someone confesses their love immediately having never met you.


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