Voting Resources

Each state makes its own voting and election rules, including when and how to register.

I've shared some resources below for you NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE! So check out whatever info you may need and share it with your friends and family!

Visit to register to vote online in 40 states of our states plus the District of Columbia.

At this site you can also download the National Mail Voter Registration Form. (Remember to sign the form before mailing it to the location listed for your state!)

And they have guidance for states and territories with different registration procedures.

Voter Registration Deadlines

Every state except North Dakota requires citizens to register if they want to become voters. Depending on your state, the registration deadline could be as much as a month before an election.

Check the U.S. Vote Foundation to find your state's deadline for registering. You can also check your state or territory's election office for more details.

Check Your Voter Registration Status

Visit Can I Vote and select “voter registration status.”

Then, choose your state. You’ll be taken to a page on your state’s website where you can check to see if you’re registered.

Your state’s deadline to register to vote could be up to 30 days before the election so check it now! This gives you time if you need to re-register or make changes.

Where Do I Vote?

Polling places may change so make sure you have the correct info! Here is another place to check for a polling place

What ID Do I Need To Vote?

Absentee and Early Voting Info

Volunteer To Work The Polls

Report Voting Interference

866 Our Vote is a great, non-partisan resource for voting needs as well!

You can call 1-866-OUR-VOTE to speak to volunteer Lawyers to help identify voter interference while you're voting and help navigate that situation!

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