Habit Tracking vs Resolutions

I've never been one for resolutions since my birthday is January 7th, but I have a deep love for "new beginnings" in general so I am always setting goals.

New months, new weeks, new quarters or seasons...you name it and I'm ready to reboot my entire life.

I recently tried tracking the habits I already *think* I'm doing instead of coming up with new goals and new plans and it was very eye opening.

You can buy books to do this or download spreadsheets...or just use a calendar or piece of paper! I have bought this for a friend and she has really nice other planners and trackers on Etsy. The photo is mine and can also be found on Etsy. You can even find downloads to print for cheaper and immediate versions!

The idea is simple...

  1. Make a list of the things you want to be doing/should be doing or THINK you are doing
  2. Make a note of how often you should be doing it
  3. List the days of the month/week/year
  4. Check off or color when you actually do those things!

I know it sounds simple and borderline ridiculous that I'm talking about this. You're a grown man/woman so why would I need to tell you about this?

Because, at least for me, I really thought I was doing things WAY more than I was...and it explained why I wasn't reaching some of my goals.

I hope this helps you figure out some things or even set up a better plan for success. <3

I've listed a few things below you could include if you're looking for ideas - big and small.

Shower (no judgements!)

Wash Your Hair/Style Your Hair

Put on REAL clothes (Ew but also sometimes important for your mood)

Brush Your Teeth/Floss

Wash Your Face/Use Your Wrinkle Creams


Move Your Body/Exercise/Specific Exercises (cardio or planking or stretching)


Turn Off Phone 1 Hour Before Bed

Stick to your budget (could be a daily/monthly budget)

Didn't Spend Money (paying bills doesn't count!)

Made Coffee/Lunch at home

Ate Vegetables

Didn't eat potato chips

I think you get it. Let me know how I can help you! @mstybailey pretty much every where on social media for feedback or help =)

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