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Tip Tuesday: A Snack Hack for your trail mix. Great for back to school!

Make your own trail mix. It's so much cheaper per serving and you can fill it with only things you actually want to eat.

A great idea for the kids and back to school, have them make their own custom mix! Get some jars and label those bad boys up, if you're crafty. I am not. There is no label. I just eat it.

A good trail mix is a balance of flavors so think about representing salty, sweet, chewy and crunchy. Some items may check more than one box!

Salty: salted nuts, salted seeds, potato/veggie chips, crackers, pretzels

Sweet: candies like m&ms, reese's pieces or swedish fish, chocolate chips, dried or freeze dried fruits like raisins, craisins, apricots, cherries, maybe even banana chips!

Other stuff you can throw in: animal crackers, goldfish, coconut chips, popcorn, cereal, spiced nuts, chocolate covered espresso beans, yogurt covered things, spicy versions of items (chili mango!)

There are a billion combinations and you could theme them to mix things up. Maybe you always go with nuts and fruit...one week make it tropical with cashews, dried mango, coconut chips, and banana chips!

2 notes: if a school is nut free, obviously don't use nuts. Also beware of melting with chocolate chips.

Ok, Go! Get mixin' and Good luck!

Photo is my own

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